Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Computer Love

An addition to Piper Gates Design Christmas range, the very wonderful Ralph and Florian from Kraftwerk. As usual the card is A5 in size and printed on high quality 250 gram paper but why does Ralph have a smartphone in 1978? The only way to find out is to buy a card and read the blurb on the back! Available here

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Totally Wired

Ever worried about what birthday card to get you Fall loving friends? Well, worry no more with the new Mark E Smith Birthday Card from Piper Gates Design. The card is A5 in size and printed on high quality 250 gram paper. Available here.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Social Media

Piper Gates Design is now on instagram, originally the intention was to promote all things Piper Gates but it has now become something much more interesting. Warning: features a large amount of superhero lego. You can find Piper Gates Design instagram account here Also available on Twitter here

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Marmite Sisters Twenty Tracks

The Marmite Sisters were first described to me as a mixture of The Smiths and The Fall but what was even more interesting was the fact that they were still at school. As someone who was still at school and in a band (description: a mix of The Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain but rubbish) it was encouraging to find like minded souls; especially in an environment where most bands in Leicester were unclean goths pretending to be Led Zepplin. For me at the beginning The Marmite Sisters sounded more like a C86 version of the Buzzcocks “Times Up” era and evolved into an entirely different and varied beast by the end of their lifespan. Listen for the evolution from Part Time Goths to Semi Detached and feel what it was like to live in the arse end of the east midlands between 1987 and 1995 - Ian Percival, April 2015.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Bonnie & Clyde

In the mid/ late 1990s a good friend of mine did me a compilation tape of Serge Gainsbourg. The song which immediately hit home was Bonnie & Clyde which to this day is one of my favourite songs ever. A few years later (in the days before youtube) I saw a bootleg video of Bonnie & Clyde which was everything I wanted to see: French coolness, cigarettes, gun holsters and berets. Serge and Brigitte looked brilliant in it. For this limited edition print I wanted to capture that feeling of seeing that bootleg video for the first time. 35 copies signed and numbered printed on high quality 250 gram silk paper. Available here.


Also available as a A5 card.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Never Understand

Between 1984 and 1986 The Jesus And Mary Chain were the best band in the world. Their mixture of melody and noise came at a time when music was boxed into categories which the Mary Chain made obsolete. To celebrate 30 years since the release of Psychocandy Piper Gates has released a limited edition print of the Mary Chain in their fab snarling Psychocandy formation. Printed on high quality 250 gram silk paper the print comes in an edition of 45 copies only and is signed and numbered by the artist. Available here.


Also available as a A5 Greeting Card available here

Monday, 26 January 2015

Who's Your Dad? Update

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that all posts relating to this project have been removed. This is because having completed pre-production work the film has gone into "production hell". Hopefully one day the stars will align and work can continue on this fabulous project as the world really needs this hybrid of "The Banana Splits" and "Eat The Document".

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I'm A Changing Man

Also available as a limited edition A5 greeting card, available here

The Changing Man

Following on from The Jam print last year it was decided to celebrate Paul Weller's 1990s renaissance with The Changingman Print. Combining the look of vintage Penguin books with Peter Blake's graphics for Stanley Road the print comes in an edition of 30 copies only. It is printed on high quality 250 gram silk paper and is 30cm x 40cm in size.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Two of my favourite things...

Before Christmas a friend commissioned me to design a My Bloody Valentine gig poster done in a "swiss" style for them. Being My Bloody Valentine and Swiss Graphic Design are two of my favourite things I jumped at the chance to do this. Above is the result.