Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happening right now!

Piper Gates will again be attempting to DJ at Biff Bang Pow, expect the usual psychedelic and indie mayhem!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cover Me

The Professionals is another Piper Gates favourite. Essentially a British version of Starsky & Hutch The Professionals is completely over the top and all the better for it. The three leads play it straight which gives the sometimes implausible plots credibility; it also helps that the show is also brilliantly entertaining. This set is part 3 of 4 of Piper Gates "Cult Crimefighting Duo Sets" along with the previous Randall and Hopkirk and Persuaders sets. The design for this set is again based on Penguin's 1960s Crime series taking the marber grid from the past and presenting it in the present. The set is available as a 30 cm x 40 cm print on 250 gram silk paper and is signed in a limited edition of 35. Available here

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Homo Superior

As mentioned before The Tomorrow People has always been a firm favourite of Piper Gates despite having plot holes bigger than Mount Everest and special effects which makes classic Doctor Who look like 2001. Like Ace of Wands before it The Tomorrow People is a child of 1960s counterculture and brilliantly of its time. There has been a number of tie in books but they don't really capture the essence of The Tomorrow People so it was decided to create a 'lost novel' which hopefully captures the weird psychedelic world of The Tomorrow People: a world where the lightshow from the Floyd's days at the UFO is housed in a science lab with a wondefully camp robot called TIM who serves burgers and fizzy pop by the means of teleportation. Printed as a very limited run of 15 copies only its printed on 250 gram silk paper and is signed. Available here