Saturday, 27 August 2016

She Just Satisfies

Jimmy Page's solo single from 1965 is a freakbeat-tastic treat worthy of The Kinks. It also costs a small fortune to purchase an original copy. Luckily for those of us without limitless resources it was reissued for Record Store Day this year. However the repro Fontana sleeve was a very sorry looking thing so it was decided to give it the lovely European picture sleeve it deserved. The raison d'etre being in this parallel universe 'She Just Satisfies' was reissued in 1967 with a current picture of the Yardbirds era Page. The rear of the sleeve features other Fontana artists worthy of your inspection.

My My My

Eno in his post 'Roxy' finery, last but one of the 'marber grid' prints. Available here with lots of other goodies