Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Stone Roses Limited edition 30cm x 40 cm Print

The Stone Roses Card is also available as a limited edition 30cm x 40cm print printed on high quality 250 gram silk. The print is signed and numbered and comes in an edition of 45 copies only. Available here

The Is The One

As a follow up the coluring book from a couple of years ago it was decided to create a Stone Roses Birthday Card to add to the growing “Cult Birthday Card” collection. Taking influence from the majestic Fools Gold era it was decided to create a design which represented the different characteristics of each member therefore showcasing the group as a whole. Ian Brown as the confident mystic, John Squire the quiet artist, Reni in mischievous mode and Mani the smiling heart of the band. The limited edition A5 card is available here.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Homo Superior Episode Three

Mission accomplished.

Homo Superior Episode Two

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Brit Sci Fi here in sunny Leicester. Primarily I went to hear a talk and meet my childhood faves The Tomorrow People. Regular readers will know of my love for the Tomorrow People and with that in mind I decided to create a poster for the attending TP’s to sign. In the end 3 designs were conceived and made available for one month only.