Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Deviant Energy Drink Can

Another piece of course work, this was part of a advertising campaign I had to create for a new energy drink. The design of the can was important as it had to meet its full market potential. Being the target audience is 18-30 males a use of attractive bright colours was used which though different to the competition is still recognizable to its target audience.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Direct Mail Envelope

Beatles figures made by my good self!

Magazine Cover & Double Page Spread

Another project for my degree course. For the cover I wanted to create something simple yet striking. I really wanted this to stand out in a magazine rack. For the double page spread I included a lot of references to the subject matter, the orange background matched the orange in the floorboards in the picture and the use of the paintbrush was a reference to Syd Barrett being an artist and to indicate the beginning of the article.

Retro Robot A5 Flyer

This design is part of my degree course. James Johnston-Perkins Retro Robot brings back a warm feeling of nostalgia for the early 1980's, a world a Space Invaders, ZX Spectrums and The A-Team. The primary inspiration for this was Fisher Price Toy packaging and to create something bright and that was childlike and brought back the warm innocent times of childhood.

Hive Films Business Cards

Business Cards designed for Hive Films makers of the soon to be cult hit Zombie Undead. Being independent film makers they wanted an edgy look but one which communicated the information they wished to impart effectively. Using a mixture of film scratches and film cells and using bold typography a look was created which combined the two.

Going Underground CD Cover

CD cover for hip, happening Leicester mod night Going Underground. I wanted this cover to scream out 1966. The influence of Blue Note Records really shines on the back cover while the front uses an image from Rave magazine heavily re-edited in Photoshop to show how we now perceive the look of the 1960's.