Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bedazzled Poster

Deciding to revisit Penguin Books and the Marber grid a year after the initial explorations it was decided to investigate the illustrative qualities of some of the Penguin titles particulary the work of Charles Raymond. The result is a limited edition 500mm x 700mm poster numbered and signed by the artist of Peter Cook in his Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations mode.

Going Underground revisited

Piper Gates was very pleased to be asked to design the cover for the free cd to be given away at Going Underground's first allnighter on March 5th 2011 at Lock 42, Leicester. The concept for the cover was to make it a homage to Phil Smee's groundbreaking design work on the Rubbles compilations but with a typical Piper Gates twist re-imagine the Rubble design had it conceptualised by the design department of K-Tel Records in the 1970s.