Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Budgie Bird

In the summer of 1985 a Friday night would have consisted of watching videos round my good pal Glen's house whilst his mum was out for the night. In the middle of a nights viewing we’d always pause to watch the repeats of Budgie on Channel 4. I only knew of Budgie because I’d watched Charles Endell Esq as a nipper and could do a fair to middling impression of him. I loved Budgie, it had a grim world view which could have existed in the same universe as The Sweeney. Comic book realism would be one to describe it I suppose.

The great thing about Budgie is the acting, Adam Faith was born to play the part of the optimistic loser. Budgie was always on the edge of getting the big score but never quite got there. He also appeared to annoy anyone who came into contact with him especially the people who actually liked him. Then there was Charlie Endell a brilliantly psychotic bear of man who tolerated Budgie for reasons unknown. He was played by the late great Iain Cuthbertson in a role which is so far removed from his character in The Railway Children that is humanly possible.

For this piece of “lost novelisation” it was decided to convey Budgie’s optimistic world view whilst the other people in his world look at him in sheer disdain for all the trouble he brings to them. Released in a limited edition of 42 copies which are signed. Available here.

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