Friday, 28 June 2013


Back in 1991 I was in an indie rock band called Smile, I only mention this as a few weeks ago I stumbled across a demo we made. Listening to it I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was actually listenable though very derivative of Sonic Youth which wasn’t a shock as they were the only group we all liked. Deciding this needed to be digitised I then realised it needed a cover. I thought back to my 22 year old self and what he would have asked for if we’d been signed to Hut or Creation like we wanted to be. The brief would have gone “err, something 60s and psychedelic, a bit like Loop’s early sleeves”. I decided to make the sleeve in true 1991 style by truly missing the point and creating a 1991 version of what a “60s, psychedelic” sleeve would look like. I think we would have liked this sleeve…


  1. Cheers Shane, if The Ammonites compilation ever needs someone to do the cover...

  2. You have def got that. Spot on : )