Thursday, 7 June 2012


This in the first in an occasional series of Piper Gates favourite things. Gregory's Girl is possibly the best film ever; to go into its genius would take longer than 12 elephants to explain. The influence on this series stems from reading "Lord of the Flies" at school and being facinated by the fact that there were variant covers, memory now suggests that I was handed the book with a different cover every week. Deciding to take this further it was decided to make an occasional series of novels done in this style with the subject being a favourite of mine. Gregory's Girl has been released as a novel but the cover doesn't do justice to the subject matter, hopefully this interpretation does it proud.


  1. Fine Film. My fav cover is the 1st one. Its just right. Fav bit from the film is the head Teacher playing the Piano "of you go you small boys"

  2. Thanks Keith, sorry for the slow reply. Think you right about the first cover. For me Gregory's Girl is a film just full of favourite bits and I'd be typing all day to mention them all! Also thanks for all your kind comments, I've got a spare set of the UFO postcards if you fancy them? Send me your address via the email address on my profile and I'll post them to you.

  3. Have just emailed you my address. Thanks for that. Can't wait to see them. Been away so just catching up with Blogs and email etc.