Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brett and Danny

The Persuaders! is possibly Piper Gates favourite programme ever. It has it all; the best opening title sequence ever, a killer theme tune from John Barry plus two actors at the height of their comedic powers. Add some writing heavyweights of the time (Brian Clemens and Terry Nation) and you’ve got the recipe for some genius television. For this piece it was decided to incorporate the colours of the programmes opening titles into the world of the Marber grid and then bring it up to date. It was also important to capture the constant look of bemusement on Roger Moore’s face: a look that he can’t quite believe that they are getting away with making The Persuaders! In contrast I wanted to capture Tony Curtis's snarling “I can’t believe I’ve been reduced to television” look. The dvd box set of the Persuaders! is highly recommended especially the documentary “The Morning After”: the story about Joan Collins has to be heard to be believed. This poster set is the second of four of the Piper Gates "cult crimefighting duo sets". Available as a signed set of two 30cm x 40 cm posters here

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